FreqMeasureMulti on Arduino?

Hi All, I´m starting a project where I need to count the pulses from 4 different inputs with a range from 0.3 to 1.3 kHz and the the signals are 5V square pulses. It would be ok to read the frequency every few seconds and one input at a time. After some reading I found that FreqMeasureMulti would probably do the jo but I don´t know if it would work on any of the Arduino boards? (I have Due, Uno, Mega and Yun at hand but can´t find any of the Teensy boards in Argentina). Any other approach that would work? Cheers, L

Do you only have to count an incoming pulse? or the amount?

Did you try pulseIn()?

Thanks for your response and sorry for my delay. I just need to count pulses from each input in order to estimate the frequency. I think pulseln() should work but I'm concerned it would be more difficult to use than the FreqMeasure library (my programming skills are quite limited). Best L