Frequency issue - pleaze consider this

so for me to make the story short . my project requires 14.318mhz frequency . i cant get a 14.318 Crystal here since it's not available . i hav a 15mhz and a 14mhz . yet it must be exactly 14.318 . since i require the clock frequency to output a digital burst . the protocol works at exactly 14.3186412358741 yet 14.318 would do fine .

pleaze help :)

Google PLL

My local supplier has them

The symbol for megahertz is MHz, m is for milli. Hz is Hz, never hz.

Do you want a crystal or an integrated oscillator? A bare crystal requires an oscillator circuit and you need then to know if its series or parallel resonant and what load capacitance its designed for.

What tolerance are you looking for - there are various grades of quartz crystal so its important to get one thats within spec for your application. You won't get 15 digits of precision from any crystal, expect 5 at best.

The other approach is to use a stock 10MHz crystal into a clock generator chip (a programmable PLL, basically), but that could have issues if phase-noise is important to your application.

So tell us what the application is and you will probably get more definite advice.