Frequency recognition with microphone

I try to implement a lighting console which should react to a analog microphone input with the arduino UNO. I would like it to change colors according to the pitch. Is this even possible via the analog input? The only thing I can read is the volume. The code should run on the arduino alone (without processing).

See this thread for a very recent discussion on this:-,63275.0.html

how easy would it be to get the arduino to flash an led and beep when it heard a sound of a certain (high) frequency ?

I would use a PWM output to drive the led to indicate the volume level iso flashing.

how do you get an arduino to analyse sound ?

i saw the link to the software that displayed a graphic equaliser

do you have to record the sound and then split it into different frequencies

can it be done in real time ?

It is calleda fourier analyses - search for FFT in the right upper - and you might find a lot of threads including -,56540.0.html -

ty :)