Frequency to volt Converter for Flowmeter


I have to install for a project a Flowmeter in combination with a frequency to volt converter. For that I need to test the converter itself first by using a LED. I’ve got the LM2917 and wanted to use it the following way (attached). I’m not sure how to write the code to get the connection to that LED, could you please help me, I’m quite confused :confused:


I’m not sure why you need an LED. These illustarte two basic functions of the Arduino system, analogRead and Serial.print and you should be getting it from the tutorials and reference materials. The signal from Pin 4 (Vout) of your LM2907 will go into Pin A0 of your Arduino board.

I have attached a simple FVC reading and printing .ino file to get you started, but you will need to work out a more detailed system on your own. Good luck, and don’t forget to calibrate your system.

FVC_read.ino (701 Bytes)

I'm not sure why you think you need a frequency to voltage circuit.

The Arduino can convert pulses to flow diretly and more accurate without the intermediate voltage step.
No external parts needed.

Many flow meter examples on this site.
Use the search field on top of this page.