FrequencyTimer2 library & Arduino Leonardo?

I did a forum search and checked the FrequencyTime2's wiki page and did a Google search but apparently nobody seems to have asked this: the FrequencyTimer2 library doesn't seem to be compatible with the Arduino Leonardo. My sketch works fine on my Arduino Uno but when I select the Leonardo from the Tools>Board menu and connect my Leonardo and try to upload it I get the error message:

"This board does not have a hardware timer which is compatible with FrequencyTimer2"

So, am I doomed? There doesn't seem to be a newer version of that library which is compatible with the Leonardo. =( Anyone any advice? Thanks so much! Stefan.

Anyone any advice?

Sure, use it on your Uno board not on your Leonardo board. ;)

The Leonardo board has it's uses, mostly because of it's expandable USB capabilities, but it's enough of a different animal that one shouldn't try or expect it to work with every past arduino application or library without some modification. If you are capable do performing such modifications yourself then your good to go, but if not don't try and spit into the wind and use the more mainstream arduino boards.