Frequently used commands picker

Its not that I hate typing (even though I do) as I get older and my hands get shakier, typing gets to be more of an aggravating chore. I’ve worn the lettering off my [BACKSPACE] & [DELETE] keys.
So I installed the Parcellite clipboard manager and configured the persistent clipboard to pop up over the IDE editor window with a hot key and loaded it with commands that I use frequently, now I can pop it up, click a command and paste it at the cursor, sure saves a lot of repetitive typing, but…


It sure would be nice if something like this could be built into the IDE. I could click on an icon, a list would pop up, I could drag a saved command into the editor window, drop it and it would snap to the current cursor position.

Just wonder if anything has been done along this line or maybe it has and I haven’t discovered it yet?

It sure would be nice if something like this could be built into the IDE.

If you can already do it I can't see why someone should waste time making a second way to do the same thing.

I must investigate further as what you describe might solve a slightly different irritation that I have.


So, if its something that would benefit me, its a waste of time, but if it might benefit you its worth investigating... hmmm.

I was not thinking of asking someone to modify the IDE - I don't use it for writing code, in any case. I use the Geany editor.

I was just wondering if Parcellite might be useful for me as I had not heard of it before.