fresh baked!

What do you make in your toaster oven? Cookies!]/s]~~Chips!~~Boards!
![|500x264]( baked cards.jpg)
Fresh batch of '1284P Mini cards, ready for a crystal and programming. Yummm 8)

What do you make in your toaster oven? ~~Cookies! Chips!~~Boards!

![|500x264]( baked cards.jpg)
Fresh batch of '1284P Mini cards right ready for crystal and bootloading. Yummm 8)

Are those organic
Lactose free
Gluten free

Bob Weeny will be jealous.

Two batches :wink:

Have you used those little SMD crystals before? They have the caps built-in I think.

The "little SMD crystals" with "caps built-in" are resonators.
Their frequency is not as good as crystals. I don't use them.

I do use smaller crystals when space demands it:

You can see one here:

What kind of projects have you used these cookies in?

Actually none myself - like most things I have, they are extensions of something I did for someone else, or are a product of forum discussions that seemed to have a hole that needed filling.

quartz crystals not only orders of magnitude more stable and more accurate but cost half as much. i always laugh when people claim they are cheaper. and very funny that many prefer "official" pro-mini with resonator when clones are available using real quartz crystals half the cost too.