Fresh Breadboard Doesn't Upload (but runs ok)

I'm trying to breadboard an Arduino setup and am having problems trying to upload blink via serial.

On the console I get:

Binary sketch size: 1010 bytes (of a 30720 byte maximum)

(3 quick blinks from pin13 LED)

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51

Here's a link to some detailed images:

Can someone please look at the images and see what I'm missing here?

I can take the chip out and program blink it on one of my jeenodes and then put it back into this breadboard and the led will blink as wanted.

I'm using the same USB BUB to program the jeenode (with the jumper set to 3.3v) with no issues at all.

I'm using: arduino-0021 atmega328 (new and old chips don't program but work fine)

I've tried to play with the reset button before after during/etc the sketch size and no luck. I moved putting a cap between reset and DTR which seems to work as the LED blinks 3 times when the sketch size comes up on the console (my guess).

Programming other Arduinos via USB and/or using this USB->Serial works fine so I'm thinking its not my PC/USB/setup

I'm at a loss what to test next... ideas?

What's the frequency of your resonator?

It reads 16.00M which I think is 16.00 MHz.

I bought the ladyada DC Boarduino (Arduino Clone) Kit (w/ATmega328)

and used the parts to try and breadboard one so I'm assuming these all work ;)

Did you choose your board as arduino duemilanove with atmega328 or did the board default into arduino uno? You should choose the duemilanove with 328.

Yes it’s on: duemilanove with atmega328

I don’t remember if I picked that a while ago or it did that auto

Thanks for showing us the pictures of your connections.

Here's the deal. It may sound funny but: - Pin 2 on the ATmega is Arduino RxD. That should go to TX on the USB BUB converter.

  • Pin 3 on the ATmega is Arduino TxD. That should go to RX on the USB BUB converter. Swap your Tx/Rx connections and see how it goes. (See Footnote.)



Footnote: The terminology on the TTL side of most USB-serial adapters goes like this:

"TX" refers to the data transmitted from your PC. This is the Arduino received data. "RX" refers to the data to be received by your PC. This is the Arduino transmitted data.

This is consistent with terminology of the FT232 chip. Pin 5 (RX) is a TTL input, and Pin 1 (TX) is a TTL output.

That worked! Of course it makes sense after you said it ;)

Thanks all for your help. I've updated the images to reflect this change with some notes.

Also want to add that the auto-reset with the CAP works as well! I can't imagine doing this easy setup in place of watching the screen and hitting reset (am I that lazy?)

Thanks again,