Fresh install of Arduino IDE?

I ran into issues with my install of Arduino going south, now it will only start with the batch file.

So I want to completely uninstall it and start over with a clean install. I've been using the Wiring environment instead but now I have an Arduino Mini project so need to get this working.

What do I need to remove to get a fresh Arduino install?

Or if I install Processing, do I need these other version IDEs (Wiring/Arduino)?

It seems a shame now that I have Wiring environment working so consistently I have risk messing it up by re-installing Arduino IDE - I'd like to just have 1 IDE for both.

Also, and this may be unrelated but maybe not - I found some great libraries on the Processing site, particularly an osc library that looks promising - what's involved in using a Processing library in Arduino/Wiring or is it even possible? I'm a little confused by what appear to be flavors of the same thing. Is the main difference the bootloader, or are these different evolutionary branches?

There are actually a few different pieces involved in reinstalling the Arduino IDE fresh (i.e. the FTDI drivers, the preference file, and the actual application files). If the only problem is with the arduino.exe (and the run.bat files works fine), then it’s probably only the application directory and your Java set up that matter. You could try just downloading a new copy of the application and running that one. Or trying to undo any recent changes to Java on your computer. But honestly, the arduino.exe file hasn’t been touched in a while, so I’m not too surprised that it’s causing problems.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use Processing libraries in Arduino or Wiring. While the IDE for the latter are based on Processing (and implemented in Java), their cores (i.e. the code that runs on the board) is written in C/C++ and therefore doesn’t work with the Java Processing libraries.