fried arduino? analog pins always having a value..

okay, so I was playing around with this sound triggered flash circuit thingy, and i had it working on a breadboard. So time to put it to a more permanant board (soldering things etc..) looked good I plugged it back up and ran it, realized that my arduino was reading random values from the analog 1 pin. Tried other pins too all the same, reading values in the loop that it shouldnt be reading... at least I think, is this the sign I fried the arduino? Digital pins work...those are doing writes... but I can have just the arduino plugged in via usb and still get values from the analog pin when its just sitting there nothing else but usb to pc plugged in to report serial.printlns and power it....

Does this sound fried, or is it just late and im missing something stupid...

? Thanks in advance, Shane

Nothing fried. If you read a analog input pin with nothing wired to it you will read just random noise values, as the input is said to be floating.

To prove it to yourself just wire a jumper to either ground or +5vdc to the analog pin and read it again, it will give a stable reading.


hmm wonder why it was all wired up and not working, maybe i fried either my resistor or optoisolator during my soldering? :(