Fried board up to 12v, usb nok and repair

I have a problem. I connected the charger from the drill to max18v (I don't know what max18v meant, I would fry the flashlight at the drill which is at 14v) to dc arduina 2560. I don't want to connect usb. what should i fix?

I do not understand your question - are you trying to power an arduino 2560 with some sort of charger? A hand drawn schematic would be useful.

Also, this has nothing to do with Avrdude, stk500 or Bootloader issues. Please ask the moderator to move your post to a better suited forum like "Project Guidance"

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arduino is damaged. I burned him. I want to repair arduino electrical components. rx and tx are lit. can't connect via usb to pc. I need to know which components are wrong. smoke didn't come out just can't connect.

cheaper to throw it away and buy another one

We don't know. To what did you connect the charger?

If you connected the charger to the 5V pin or USB, you probably have blown every component on the board.

If you connected the charger to Vin or the barrel jack, start by checking the output voltage on the 5V pin while it is powered from an external source (e.g. the battery).

  1. If 5V is not OK, replace the voltage regulator and try again.
  2. If the 5V is OK and you still have problems, start by replacing the TTL-to-USB chip (on the official Arduino it's the 16U2, else probably a CH340) and try again. Your operating system should now be able to recognise the board as something.
  3. If the TTL-to-USB chip is a 16U2, you will have to program it so your operating system can recognise it as a Mega.
  4. Try to upload a sketch; if it fails, you will have to replace the 2560 processor.

I would not go through the above excercise unless for learning purposes but those would be (the order of) the steps that I would take if I had to try to repair it.

Thank you. I connected a higher voltage input jack. I probably destroyed the ch340. if I reconnect it it will work. how do I set it up?

I don't understand.

In which case you also more than likely destroyed the 2560.

Presumably you mean replacing the ch340, but how can you know if you do that the board will be fixed ?

How experienced are you in surface mount repair ?

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