Fried/Damaged Rover , any suggetions ?


im very new , you can probably guess by the topic name...
Im using the arduino mega2560 and:
ROVER 5 motor DRIVER BOARD: Rover 5 Motor Driver Board - ROB-11593 - SparkFun Electronics
Anyway I was that silly and newbie (im guessing thats the reason) at the same time that i accidentaly connected the A pin encoder to the B and the B to to A.
When i ran the programm which was basically go forward backward and so on...
Sudden SMOKE appeared , i didnt notice from where it was comming from but i immediately pulled out the power cord to prevent further damage.

NOW can someone please tell me whether my Rover 5 or the MOTOR driver board where damaged ?
NOTE: The rover works fine , but there is an issue, a rather big one for my project. Whenever i run the previous programm
the LEFT wheel goes slower than the RIGHT wheel. Anyone know what that means ? Im running both A-B motors with the same speed but since the Right one is faster i get a slight left turn. which is quiet annoying!

This might sound stupid but is there any way to fix /repair it ?

ANYWAY i want to know or maybe get a suggetion whether the MOTOR DRIVE BOARD is damaged which is about 15 euros so i can replace it, or (the ROVER 5 which costs about 60$).


You probably could swap the motor leads to the opposite motor and see if the same motor still turns slower. If the same motor is slow, then it might be a motor issue instead of the board.

I swapped the motor leads but it still keeps on doing this. I cant even predict if does a 90degree turn or not there is a chance the left motor will stop at any time.

So the problem is the ROVER 5 ?

Damn. =(