fried ds18b20

Hi! I think that i might have fried my ds18b20 and i don't have any reason why. I've connected pin1 to gnd, pin3 to 5v, pin 2 to the pin 10 of my uc, and from pin 10 also a 4.7k resistor to vcc. So what happened? It has started quickly to heat until i removed the power. It is possible to be shorted out (there is 1k resistance between vcc and gnd)?

Heating is a very bad sign. It was either defective to begin with, or was incorrectly wired.

You may have connected it wrongly, or put a wrong voltage on one of the pins sending it
into latch-up mode.

As a last resort: Does it still heat up on its own when disconnected from pin 10 of your uc?