fried or not?

Hi, after some work around the midi in,
I finnaly get a strange-and frightning- issue:

I can’t upload anything anymore to the board, (avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding)
the led (13) is continually and quickly blinking.

It seems to be related to the bootloader, but i’m not sure…
The reset button just stop the led as it is pushed,
but it goes on blinking just after releasing the button.

(arduino diecimilia)
Do I need an external hardware to burn the bootloader again,
or can I use the board itself?

If you ever saw this , just tell me…

yeah, it.

I unplugged the board(USB), started to download the prog(yes I did), and immediatly reconnected the board.

It worked ! (nothing else helped)

(noticed that just after power up the TX and RX leds blinked once, indicating that there was some kind of leftovers in the ROM)


“if it doesn’t fit, take a bigger hammer”’