Fried Pro Mini savable?

I have 2 pro mini's I accidental fried. One through the RAW pin and another through the VCC pin. The one I fried through the VCC now has the pin 13 LED stuck on. I can press the reset button which turns it on and off. The other Pro Mini only has the power LED on, pin 13 LED doesn't do anything.

Is it possible that either of these are still usable?

Note: I didn't mean to fry either of them it just happened when trying to power them with a transformer I thought outputted 12v (Took it out of an old cheap speaker. It was able to power an UNO from the DC jack perfectly fine).

For the one that fried with the VCC pin, when the transformer was connected to the RAW pin it didn't power the Pro Mini on so I connected it to the VCC which turned it on and fried it.

For the one that fried with the RAW pin, I plugged in nrf24l01 module (It didn't fry with the pro mini) into the pro mini, and the pro mini powered on and fried.

Without knowing exactly what you did, throw them in the garbage.


Well, there’s only 2 chips, the Atmega328P and the MIC5215 (or something like that) voltage regulator. Both can be replaced.
But usually for not much more than the cost of a new, non-damaged Promini

Next time be more careful with wiring. Apply only 5V DC to the VCC pin, and 7.5VDC to 12VDC to the RAW pin.