Fried RBBB?


I accidentally supplied 12V to one of the analog pins on my RBBB ( (stupid, I know), and now the board is "dead" (the power-LED is still lit, but my code no longer runs and I can't upload anything (out of sync)).

I've replaced the ATmega328 without luck (still out of sync). The regulator seems fine, I get 5V on the appropriate pins consistently (even when supplying 12V to the power jack) and the power-LED is illuminated. Could it be the external resonator? I've disconnected everything else (my sensors and other bits in my circuit). I can't throw away/replace the entire RBBB, as it's firmly soldered into a perfboard as part of a bigger project.

Thanks for your help!

Best regards, Nick

Does the ATmega328p have a bootloader?

It should, yes. I took it from a spare RBBB-Kit that I had lying around, and so far they always had a pre-loaded bootloader.

I also tried burning the bootloader (with a mkII ISP) directly to the ATmega on a breadboard, but got the same error (out of sync). But I guess I would have needed an external oscillator for that to work anyway?