Fried serial port?

My computer does not recognize a USB connection to the Arduino Uno, so unable to upload new programs. The board however lights up and blinks like it's supposed to. Tried pressing the reset button.

i went through all the troubleshooting documentation but I'm confident that it's not a software/driver problem because my arduino was working fine before I used it to control this one circuit, which may have fried it somehow. However, the program is still running perfectly on the board on loop!

Is the problem a fried serial port? Help.

However, the program is still running perfectly on the board on loop!

That just means your 328p processor is fine and running the last valid program loaded into it. However the other chip on the board, the 8u2 usb serial converter chip, is the one that supports the serial USB connection with your PC and that is the funtionality you have lost.



I had this same issue with the Uno a couple of days ago. You should begin by resetting your Arduino a number of times and reinstalling the Arduino software. Then, check on the Device Manager (on the Control Panel if you are on Windows) and check for something with "Arduino" on it. Check if the device is "working properly", if not, Windows will ask you to browse for the device's drivers either online or in your hard disk. They can be found within the arduino-0022 folder. Another possible problem is for your Arduino port to be in conflict with another COM port running in your computer. This can be fixed by disabling devices which may be accessing the same port as your Arduino, such as bluetooth devices, which was my problem. If you are running Processing simultaneously, make sure to run Arduino first.

Now, if your computer does not recognize your Arduino board at all (it does not show even as an unknown device) you may want to switch the cable, and check if the microcontroller attached to your Arduino is properly attached (at one point in time one of the pins in mine decided to go astray, I reconnected it, and it has worked fine ever since).

If none of the above worked, Jesus, I don't know what's wrong.