From 100 FSR sensors to a DMX controller

Hi guys!

We are competing ourselves with a project that screams for a certain expertise.
Here we go! :slight_smile:

We are creating a LED floor that is going to be used in a fitness hall.
We want to put FSR sensors in the floor that detects users that hit the spot of the FSR sensor.

The information generated by the FSR sensor has to be sent to the DMX controller that collect the information and signals the LED floor that reacts to the presets that resides within the DMX controller.

We use the CueCore DMX controller that should receive the FSR data.

The Question
Which Arduino setup could meet this opportunity? Are there already solutions for this question.

In advance I would like to thank everybody regarding my question!

All the best!


On the face of it, 100 force sensitive resistors will need 100 analog inputs. Most Arduino have only 6. Mega have a few more, but you need many more.

However, while you may need to adjust the sensitivity, it sounds to me like you just need a yes/no reading from each sensor. That may simplify things.