From "arduino nano 33 iot" (BLE) board to PCB


I would like to convert my project, which I deployed with the arduino nano 33 iot, into a custom PCB. I have already created my layout design based on the arduino schematics provided on their website.

My concern is how I am going to program the code. I have some main doubts:

  • The BLE module used (Nina W102), if I buy it itself and new, does it need to be programmed to receive commands from the main MCU? If so, how could I do it soldered in my PCB and which is the firmware?

  • To program the main MCU (new), I donĀ“t need the bootloader, I just want to use de same code used for arduino nano 33 iot. I think I can load the HEX code directly to the microcontroller. I understand that I need a programmer and I could use another Arduino Uno to do it, am I right? Do you have the connections needed?

I guess these doubts are very easy to anwser for people who has gone through this process. Any help will be very appreciated. Thanks

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I think the Nano33 module was designed to be soldered to a PCB, either surface mounted or thru-hole. Why not treat it like a single component? That would solve your problems.

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