From Integer by Keyboard to LED binary 8bits

I want to input DEC integers by keyboard into serial monitor , and receive an output of that integer in binary onto 8 LEDs. Ex. input by keyboard is 10010001

LED output is OXXOXXXO,10010001

Odd thing to want to do but you build up the number one digit at a time. It comes in from the keyboard as ASCII, so you convert that into a decimal number by ANDing the received serial character with 15. Then you add it to an accumulator variable. Before you add a new value you multiply the old value by ten. There is no need to convert this accumulated value into binary as all variables are stored in the computer as binary.

I would like to send data(red line) by Serial

So type something in and click on "send". I hope you're not trying to send it to the sketch in the picture.

I'll let you. :)

Seriously, though, you'll need a bit more code than is shown in your screenshot.

Take a look at Serial Input Basics - updated and also the examples in the IDE:- ">File >Examples >Communication"

*And what AWOL said. :)

Meaningless title and minimal information that we are expected to interpret and give a helpful answer?

Please try harder next time.


Perhaps you should have just continued with your original thread rather than start a new one. (At least you gave more information in your previous thread.) From Integer by Keyboard to LED binary 8bits