From pc to pc to Arduino

Hey all…

I am trying to start a project, but I can’t think of the wording in order to start my research. I was hoping I could explain what I want to do and then someone can tell me the common terms for it…

I want to connect one PC-A to PC-B… (I was thinking of using just a serial cable at first, but I would like to upgrade it later to be able to do it over a LAN network)… Then connect my arduino to PC-B…

PC-A ---- PC-B ----- arduino

I want to be able to send a command from PC-A to PC-B and have PC-B interpret that command and then send it to the arduino.

Any Ideas?

Start off with what language you want to program your PC in.
A PC can have multiple USB connections so look for serial communications between two of them.

Hi, any reason for the PC other than interpret and pass on to other arduino.
You can get two to talk to each other via ethernet, or serial without PC.

Tom… :slight_smile:

PS, you can only do this, change the subject of this thread to what you want, such as…
Arduino to PC to PC to Arduino Comms…help

That will mean you will attract the attention of forum members who have experience with this sort of project.

I was looking at Silverlight in Visual Basic.
But I don't know the language, I still need to learn which ever I chose.

I guess I could just connect straight to the arduino from each PC..
But would I be able to have more than one PC connected at a time?