from prototyping to product

Thanks to the open source community I was able to create as my first project an Uno driving 4 16x2 LCD’s with a web server running on the Uno that is able to update information on each screen individually based on data passed to the Uno in the query string.
the above line will update the data displayed on LCD 1. In order to change the display on LCD 2, all one needs to do is change ?id=1 to ?id=2 (and of course the data you want to display).

What I would like to do now is see how I can reduce the cost of this unit (I will need to make 150 of these). As for the LCD screens, I assume I can place an order with an overseas supplier, and can get them as low as $2.00 each.

How would I go about reducing the costs on the UNO side? Can I use a cheaper solution for Ethernet connectivity? Can I drop the uno completely and just use an ATMEGA328 chip (or something else with an arduino bootloader)? How would I go about getting the circuit board printed? anything else i’m missing?

Thanks for you help.

You can strip down to a standalone Atmega microcontroller. For the ethernet, there are a few ICs which provide the functionality. You can interface them to your microcontroller and get things running.

Good luck