from scratch ino

Hi I have an arduino "ATMega328" with the following installed 1 pcs. ESP8266 linked to "Rx = D0, Tx = D1" 1 pcs. Micro SD Card linked to "SD_CS = D10, MOSI - pin 11, MISO - pin 12, CLK - pin 13" 1 pcs. 4 analog button on one pin "A0" 1 strip WS2812b linked to "A3" 3 pcs. DS18B20 linked to "A2" 4 pcs. relays. linked to "D4, D5, D6, D7"

can anyone help me to create a script. so I can control and log this.

i want all the "DS18B20" data to log on to the DS card I want the 4 buttons two control the relays. and i want a webserver two view the SD data as an graph. two turn on and off for the relays. and an rgb site two control the "WS2812b" and a settings site to change the wifi config

hope someone can help with this.

i am a new in programing.

My suggestion is that you start small. Split your project into small pieces, get each piece to work on its own. Then put the pieces together. As you work on the pieces, ask here when you have trouble. You must do the work, and we help where we can.

For instance, take one relay and figure out how to control it. Google Arduino relay for lots of help. Then two or three relays will be easy. The 18b20s have libraries to interface them. The libraries will have example code to get you going. There is the language reference and many other resources on this site for help, too.

I have tryed to get the "WS2812" to work simple with sucess. and the SD log. also the relays.

but i think it will be a mess if i just put it all in ond file and let it all play.

also i have no idea how to make the webserver part, do i make it on the ESP8266 or on the ATMega328.

The web server would go on the ESP. I would get the ESP core and write the web server using the Arduino IDE. There is lots of examples with the ESP libraries.

i keep having problems with that. it keep saying that the FS.H do not exist.

Have a look at Planning and Implementing a Program

If you develop each of the separate working pieces as a function it will be reasonably easy to combine them into one program.

Note especially how the demo does not use delay().


You may need to install the file system plugin.