Front bumper car sensor system - proposed system - existing?

Hi, new to the forum and to the Arduino.

I have seen several projects that implement an ultrasonic parking system for vehicles that will alert the driver that they are close to a wall or object. I would like to implement a system for the front of my SUV, but I have some specific desired design features:

  1. use of water proof ultrasonic sensors
  2. six sensors preferred; four facing front and one on each side near front wheels
  3. wireless communication between the sensors at the front of the vehicle, and the 'display' and 'sound' inside the vehicle (to avoid running wires through firewall)
  4. Use of an additional sensor, pointing down, to determine if vehicle is moving (if the vehicle is not moving, then the 'display' and 'sound' are not active, to avoid nuisance alerts).
  5. The 'display' will be one multi-color (yellow/red) LED per sensor.
  6. The 'sound' will be either a beep that increases in frequency as you get closer to an object, OR a voice in English that will speak the distance from the closest sensor to the object in feet/inches.
  7. Must have the ability to link (via software) individual LEDs to individual sensors.
  8. If voice feature is possible, then must be able to speak distances [voice is not tied to each sensor since the LED will light for each sensor].

Maybe this system is already out there, if so, would appreciate a link or reference.

What min and max sensing distances are required?

Whilst ultrasonic sensors are commonly used for parking, sensors needed for collision avoidance while driving on roads/freeways typically use expensive radar technology. Is that your goal?

This is strictly parking to avoid getting too close to other cars, walls, posts, etc.; only trying to note when within 3 fee t/ 1 meter or so. No radar or computer vision needed.

Running wires through the firewall is a whole lot easier than getting wireless communications between your sensors and the unit inside the car. Work on that first!


Well, the vehicle is a 2014 with a multitude of components on both sides of the firewall, with very limited access.

I was assuming that the sensors would feed to an under-hood controller that would communicate via bluetooth to another controller inside the vehicle that controls the display and sound. If this scheme is difficult to implement in either hardware or software (or is not reliable) then I might explore other options. Not to mention an under hood automotive application can be quite tough on electronics and components, another consideration.

To be honest you will fail, Bluetooth does not work reliably in the automotive environment. Considering maybe a $1 or so per wire if it did it would have been used a long time ago. Do some research on Load Dump, then look at the automotive temperature requirements, under the hood 125C and upwards. You will have to put your electronics in the body compartment but realize it also gets hot there. You could get 1 or two to work but when designing a car it has to work anywhere in the world.
Good Luck & Have Fun!

Yep, looks like this one is going on the back burner for a while. Which is regrettable, since there are lots of under $50 units on Ebay and Amazon (with questionable reliability and functionality) that can (apparently) do the job, just not the way I want it to operate.

Thanks to everyone for their input on this matter.