"Frontend" for Arduino CLI for use with your IDE ...especially Geany


I am eLEcTRiCZiTy... I love complexity of MS Visual Studio or Geany IDE.

Sure some of you are frustrated by the simplicity of the Arduino IDE.

I have created a small program in Python language. :grinning: with the idea of ​​cross-platform usage... ehm... yet it works well only on Windows

I named this program "ardu-setup-tool". It has the command-line interface (CLI) and the graphical user interface (GUI). CLI is designed to pre-set build / upload settings directly from your favorite IDE (which supports creation of the custom build commands). During execution of command the program opens the GUI. This GUI is designed to complement the mutable/variable parameters (development board, serial port). All wrapped in the colors of Arduino ...and also because I love blue color! :grinning:

I like to use Geany IDE for Python programming ... Why not use it for Arduino language and Arduino compiler?

Everything is uploaded on my github -> GitHub - eLEcTRiCZiTy/ardu-setup-tool: Front-end tool to set arguments for arduino-like compiler.

Example of build and execute (upload) commands for Geany IDE:

  • python "C:\Program Files(x86)\Arduino\ardu-setup-tool.py" --verify --arduino "C:\Program Files(x86)\Arduino\arduino.exe" --file "%d%f"
  • python "C:\Program Files(x86)\Arduino\ardu-setup-tool.py" --upload --arduino "C:\Program Files(x86)\Arduino\arduino.exe" --file "%d%f"

("python" at the beginning ... it is because I have problems with multiple parameters for python script in Windows 8+)

This is my first project designed for the Arduino IDE ... Just try it ^^
...and the first thing that finally forced me to use my github

If you are interested in "custom file type" for the Arduino language for Geany IDE, let me know :wink:

...and sorry for my imperfect knowledge of English.. :slightly_smiling_face:

See also this for a way to compile and upload directly from Geany

Can you post your code here so we don't have to go to Github?


Can you post your code here so we don't have to go to Github?

On github you can download it for free (and without any account). I want to develop my program. If I copied it here, so there may be an outdated version.

Try: https://github.com/eLEcTRiCZiTy/ardu-setup-tool/raw/master/ardu-setup-tool.py

See also this for a way to compile and upload directly from Geany

Yes, I saw that topic. It is the reason why I started writing my script.

It is annoying need to enter text into projects. That script does not solve the problem with unknown numbers of serial ports.

And also in that topic for a long time nothing happened.

In the future, I'll find a way to search for USB serial devices in Linux. I also want to reduce the need for GUI. ...maybe just to select the device/board (but it already is). You maybe connect devices always on the same dev/ttyxxxx, but other people can connect multiple devices or elsewhere. :wink:

I'm sorry. :confused: Due to late night programming I accidentally uploaded the old version.

Accidentally uploaded the old version is now replaced by a new version.

raw file: ardu-setup-tool.py