Frozen on Pachube

Hello, I am new to Arduino and Pachube. I am using the Uno with the Ethernet shield. I am experimenting with one of the code examples supplied with the Arduino software, the Pachube sensor client with Strings. It all seems to work very well except it freezes after a half hour or so of operation. Pushing the reset button restarts the connection. I have tried both manual and automatic feed types and I have set up the port forwarding on my router but the problem persists. I would appreciate any advice that anyone out there could give.

Are you hitting the update rate limit on pachube?

Can you add some print statements to see if your sketch is working correctly and still producing output?

Is your router dropping out?

Thanks for the tips. The update rate is set to every 10 seconds. I think you are correct in saying the router may be dropping out. Each time the sendData function is called it goes to the 'else' condition and prints out "connection failed". So I think the Arduino continues to run but with a broken connection. I am trying some work arounds to see if I can get the Arduino to re establish the connection automatically. As I write this I am waiting for the connection to fail again so I can monitor the Arduino output under this condition.


You can also test that your feed is updating properly with curl