Frustrated with FT812 EVE2 7.0 Screen

I think I bought this screen without knowing what I was going to get myself into.

I purchased a NewHaven 7.0 EVE2 screen and a FT81x shield. I was hoping to use the EVE Designer to make some cool things. But I think I finally dove deep enough into their forums that there is no direct EVE designer to Arduino code for the FT81x chips, only the FT80x. I would have to use the C code it makes and make that work with Arduino, but there is no example of this.

The documentation is very confusing for someone who has never worked with displays.

I am looking at starting over with the software. Can someone guide me to what I need to use to make a FT812 EVE 7" screen work with Arduino?

Thank you so much.

If there is an alternative, visit my url;

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