FSLP Sensor

Could someone kindly explain the correct way to read the position and force values ​​from this sender FSLP on Arduink UNO? I found several solutions but none seems to work correctly.



Did you look at the data sheet, it has a drawing for you. It is at: https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/3899023/Interlinkelectronics%20November2017/Docs/Datasheet_FSLP.pdf The Interlink Electronics FSLP Sensor can measure position and pressure. The connection to the measuring microprocessor is very simple and requires only one external component. The microprocessor will need two general purpose IO (GPIO) pins and two GPIO/analog-to-digital converter (ADC) pins. The GPIOs should be able to go into high-impedance mode (>1MΩ) and the ADCs should be able to measure from 0 to Vcc. This response is to help you get started in solving your problem, not solve it for you. Good Luck & Have Fun! Gil

Thanks so much! Yes I took a look at Datasheet but I think that my problem is code, how to write it for simple solution. I can get force value from my sensor but not position.