FSR + Arduino. How many Lbs is the limit?

Im starting a project using arduino to measure the weight distribution on both feet. I checked the FSR datasheets and it says the maximum lbs is about 20 pounds. But i stumble upon a website that says to hook up the fsr on a voltage divider to adjust the sensitivity. I am confused if i should buy the FSR with the voltage divider or look for another sensor for pressure reading.

The datasheet on the FSR says

0 - 25 lb. (110 N)
In order to measure forces above 100 lb
(up to 1000 lb), apply a lower drive
voltage and reduce the resistance of the
feedback resistor (1k[ch937] min.)

Does anyone know any alternative with the tekscan's flexiforce. Its very expensive. We are trying to make something that can be inserted into shoe to measure a person's weight distribution on both feet for balance and sport performance.

The FSR below doesn’t seem very expensive. Your main challange will be the mechanical setup to be able to get accurate data.


Thanks for the reply. I think that FSR has a limit up to 25lbs until it would saturate. Im not sure if i can still get data beyond 25lbs. We will be putting it inside the shoe to measure weight distribution.

there is also a 100lbs sensor http://www.trossenrobotics.com/flexiforce-100lb-resistive-force-sensor.aspx