FSR400SHORT Force Sensors

Hi everyone, i'm using a FSR400SHORT Force Sensor in order to evaluate a force. It is a linear sensor which change his resistance with the force so i'm using it as a voltage divider with another resistance. In the datasheet the output of the voltage divider is connected to a buffer. I think that this buffer is useful for decoupling the voltage divider from another circuit that take the output. I'd like to know if the analog pins of Arduino already have a decoupling circuit so i don't have to use a buffer for the voltage divider output. Thank you very much

Analog input has high impedance , should work without a buffer

A buffer is normally not needed if the value of the fixed resistor is <=10k and the wires are short/twisted.
Just try with a 10k resistor between analogue pin and VCC, and the FSR between pin and ground.

If cross-talk is a problem (when other analogue inputs are used), then add a 10-100n cap from pin to ground.
And/or read the analogue input twice (and thus use the second more stable reading).

Thank you, it works even without a buffer.