FstLED help needed

Im working through some of the excellent videos put together by Scott Marley [https://youtu.be/FQpXStjJ4Vc]
on programming Neopixel strips using FastLED. I'm trying to combine 2 of his programs so I can switch through different palettes with a button, but I'm gettting into a real mess with my code and loops.
If you have a look at a basic palette display code: FastLED-basics/blueGradientPal.ino at main · s-marley/FastLED-basics · GitHub
Then look at his functions button code: FastLED-basics/functionsButton.ino at main · s-marley/FastLED-basics · GitHub
I'm trying to replace the 3 switchable patterns with 3 differnt gradients. Can anyone please assist me?

Please post Your best try of code here according to the advice given in the first topics like "How to use this Forum.
I don't spend time looking at those videos. That tells nothing about Your attempts.

Post your attempt. Tell us what the code actually does and how that differs from what you want.

Note how, in the code with the button, the different choices are in functions. Make your gradient patterns into functions. Replace the functions that are there now.

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