fswebcam not outputting a file

I'm trying to get a Logitech C510 working with my Arduino YUN.

The webcam is being recognized in dmesg and via lsusb.

However, no output is produced when I use fswebcam:

root@Arduino:/mnt/sda1# fswebcam -r 1280x720 --save /mnt/sda1/test.png
--- Opening /dev/video0...
Trying source module v4l2...
/dev/video0 opened.
No input was specified, using the first.
--- Capturing frame...

I've combed through here and several other sites, but can't find a solution.

Any help would be appreciated.


Output with -v option. It does appear to be talking to the camera without issue.

root@Arduino:/mnt/sda1# fswebcam -v -r 1280x720 --save /mnt/sda1/test.png
main,1609: gd has no fontconfig support
--- Opening /dev/video0...
Trying source module v4l2...
/dev/video0 opened.
src_v4l2_get_capability,87: /dev/video0 information:
src_v4l2_get_capability,88: cap.driver: "uvcvideo"
src_v4l2_get_capability,89: cap.card: "UVC Camera (046d:081d)"
src_v4l2_get_capability,90: cap.bus_info: "usb-ehci-platform-1.1"
src_v4l2_get_capability,91: cap.capabilities=0x84000001
src_v4l2_get_capability,92: - VIDEO_CAPTURE
src_v4l2_get_capability,103: - STREAMING
No input was specified, using the first.
src_v4l2_set_input,181: /dev/video0: Input 0 information:
src_v4l2_set_input,182: name = "Camera 1"
src_v4l2_set_input,183: type = 00000002
src_v4l2_set_input,185: - CAMERA
src_v4l2_set_input,186: audioset = 00000000
src_v4l2_set_input,187: tuner = 00000000
src_v4l2_set_input,188: status = 00000000
src_v4l2_set_pix_format,520: Device offers the following V4L2 pixel formats:
src_v4l2_set_pix_format,533: 0: [0x56595559] 'YUYV' (YUV 4:2:2 (YUYV))
src_v4l2_set_pix_format,533: 1: [0x47504A4D] 'MJPG' (MJPEG)
Using palette MJPEG
src_v4l2_set_mmap,672: mmap information:
src_v4l2_set_mmap,673: frames=4
src_v4l2_set_mmap,722: 0 length=1843200
src_v4l2_set_mmap,722: 1 length=1843200
src_v4l2_set_mmap,722: 2 length=1843200
src_v4l2_set_mmap,722: 3 length=1843200
--- Capturing frame...

Problem is fixed.

Looks to be a power issue. I put the webcam on a USB hub and it is now working.