FT232H to eink display synchronization

We were talking with the guy who made the Epdiy board which has a ESP32-wrover an main chip (GitHub - vroland/epdiy: EPDiy is a driver board for affordable e-Paper (or E-ink) displays.) on how to use a FTDI FT232H in 245 fifo mode, which is a 8bit paralel fifo data transfer mode, to clock the pixel data directly from the pc to the eink display (which also has an 8 bit bus to receive the pixel data).

The display also needs some other signals to work, and we need to trigger these signals at specific times ( in particular at the start and end of a frame draw and after each horizontal row) and to synchronize this with the data stream we were thinking of using ICs or a counter that counts the clock pulses.
I'd like to start testing but i don't have much experience with this sort of thing, Would i be able to debug this with a logic anaylizer? or i need an oscilloscope?

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