FT232RL Not in Sync Error

I am making a standalone arduino, but i am having some issues. I ordered all the parts i need, but the atmega328p's have not come yet, but everything else has. i have an arduino uno that i took the microcontroller out of and i am using it. i can upload sketches fine from the arduino connected to the breadboard and it will play everything (sketches) fine, but i cannot program it with a ft232rl breakout board i bought. this is the link to the one i bought: http://www.ebay.com/itm/321120055584?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

i get the avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 error every time i try to upload a sketch. everything works fine, except uploading sketches. i have the dtr pin connected to a 0.1uF cap and that to the reset pin of the chip with a 10k pullup resistor. the tx of the ft232rl goes to the rx of the 328p and the rx goes to the tx. i have tried swapping them, but it did not change anything. when i try to upload a sketch, the tx light on the 232 blinks three times and then nothing. the arduino ide takes a few seconds, and then gives the error. does anyone have any idea what is going on? do i have a bad 232 chip?

Do you have ftdi drivers installed? www.ftdichip.com

yes i do. the drivers are from their website and the 232 connects and shows up as a com port just fine. i have also made sure to select it in the arduino ide.

Sounds like you have stuff correct. How about posting your complete design?

it is identical to this, with a few exceptions: http://arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/arduinobb_14.jpg mine has a cap on the main power line and i do not have the voltage regulation they have. i also have the dtr pin correctly connected to the reset with a 0.1uF cap, unlike in the picture where it is completely missing. other than that, it is exactly the same. that is why i think i have a bad usb to serial board. i can post a picture of it if you like, but it would be hard to follow and i thought it would be easier to try to explain it.

edit: I put the 328p back into the arduino and hooked the ft232 to the arduino (dtr to reset, tx to digital pin 0 and rx to digital pin 1. i made sure the board had power as well) and it still did not work. i am convinced i have a bad 232 board. whenever i try to upload anything, the tx light on the 232 board just blinks three times and does nothing. i dont know what else to try.

You can do a loopback test on the ft232rl to see if it is working correctly.

Just jumper the Tx pin to the Rx pin and open up serial monitor. It should echo back any characters you type.

how exactly do i do that? i downloaded a serial monitoring program, but i cannot send text.

edit: never mind, i figured it out. i think it worked correctly. this is what happened. i typed in the box below, and it showed up in the box above. does this mean that the chip is fine?

Have you tried manual resetting the Arduino/breadboard

I meant the Serial Monitor from the Arduino IDE.

I am not familiar with Device Monitoring Studio? Does it show differently if you remove the Tx/Rx jumper? It should not echo back if you remove the jumper.

oh ok. i disconnected the jumper and it still echoed the characters back. so i followed http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=73748.0 and it did not echo back what i typed. edit: i tested it with an arduino to make sure i was doing it right and it worked. to clarify, the arduino worked correctly (i already knew it did) but the ft232rl board i bought does not echo back what i type.

I can not be of much help but I have the same problem and I tried 2 different ftdi breakout boards one adafruit and one sparkfun. Still no good. I post this becaise you might search my posts and see all the advice that was given to me, it may help your situation. That error mesage as you are no doubt aware is of no help.

Thanks for the help, but i am sending mine back and claiming it to be DOA. I have tried everything i have read on the internet to see if it worked or not, and everything i found said the board was bad. so i am going to send it back and see if the replacement works, or if i have the same issue.