FT800 bitmap being overwritten when widget with text displayed

I am the sort of engineer that likes to do things from scratch to get a good understanding of how things work. I've been
writing and testing some FT800 functions to try and get a good understanding of how the chip works. It's hard going as the information supplied by FTDI is not detailed enough.
Any way, I have a problem with bitmaps. I can display all the widgets and also display a small bitmap loaded into RAM_G however if I try and display a widget with text in I.e Buttons, keys, text the bitmap appears as a solid colour block . With no text teh bitmap is fine.
Any help would be great.

Try with gameduino 2 library

Video: png icons

Thanks but I'm trying to work out what I'm doing wrong without using someone else's library. Do you know it it is possible to display a bitmap and a button with text in the same display list?

Turned out to be some sort of interference from the serial print function. Commenting out Serial.begin fixed it.