FT810 Library without Touch panel


excuse for my bad English i recently started to run 7" lcd with FT810 driver with arduino mega board and show some bitmaps and icons, so i tried to use gameduino library to run the lcd, problem is the library tries to calibrate touch panel at the beginning and i want to desible the touch configuration cause i don't want to use touch in this project, can anyone help me runing the code without using a touch ?

I'm using gd3.h library


I haven't tried using the GD2/GD3 library yet, but from a quick look at the gd2-lib library on GitHub I think you might be able to do either of the following:

  • In GD2.h, change the #define CALIBRATION from 1 to 0
  • In your sketch: I'm not sure what parameters you are currently passing in to the GD.begin() call, but you could try adding in ~GD_CALIBRATE:
  • eg. GD.begin(~GD_CALIBRATE) or GD.begin(GD_TRIM | GD_STORAGE)

Inside of the GDx.h file of the gameduino library:


#define GD_CALIBRATE    0   // enable touchscreen calibration at startup

In order to avoid the touch calibration in the startup of the TFT.