FTDI Basic Breakout - to standalone arduino


I´m trying to design a standalone arduino without the USB-to-serial components.

I´m planning to use the FTDI Basic Breakout board from Sparkfun, to substitue this block of components.

At the moment, i´m having some problems with figuring out the what are the connections i have to garantee that exist on the board so my task of programming the pre-bootloaded re-designed version is possible.

The pinout of the FTDI is the following:

  • GND
  • CTS
  • TXO
  • RXI
  • DTR

Basically i´m not sure where i should connect the CTS and DTR.

From what i read the DTR is supposed to be connected to the RESET of the ATMEL.

But where is the CTS supposed to go?

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On my RBBB and BBB boards I have sitting here, it goes absolutely nowhere.

But where is the CTS supposed to go?

CTS not used in the Arduino platform. DTR should wire to reset pin through a series .1ufd capacitor, to allow the arduino IDE auto-reset function when uploading.