FTDI cable with Vista

Does anyone have any experience with Vista and the FTDI cable. I was trying to troubleshoot a students computer with the labels in French so I was really confused anyway, but it seems the whole virtual serial port options have changed considerably. The "Set RTS on close" checkbox was nowhere to be found. Any idea where this option is, or if it still exists. I couldn't seem to get reset to trigger successfully.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me with this.


Judging from a post on this page http://ladyada.net/learn/arduino/help.html at Ladyada's site it seems that the Arduino software doesn't run at all under Vista

That's odd because I wrote to LadyAda directly and she mentioned she didn't have a computer with Vista on it and didn't know the answer.

My student got it running fine, and apparently, at least on his machine, Arduino 10 runs fine. The problems with the port settings seemed to be more about the French version of Vista, than Vista itself, but apparently some things have gotten moved a bit.

Maybe I'll see a English version of Vista soon and can post the instructions here, and on my site.

Paul Badger

Yea, that page from ladyada.net is out-of-date. Most or all of those problems were fixed in Arduino 0010.

That sounds good. Sorry for sending you on a wild goose chase