FTDI cable works 1n Arduino 022 not in Arduino 1.0.5 [SOLVED]

error is avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

I'm using windows Vista with Arduino 1.0.5 on an Uno rev3. My problem is the FTDI cable works 1n Arduino 022 not in Arduino 1.0.5. I have updated the bootloader using optiboot in the 1.0.5 folder (using ICSP and AVR studio 4) Used the latest drivers from the makers website for the cable. By the way it works fine with an ordinary USB cable via the Arduino board's USB socket. I checked the Arduino trouble shooting section but no joy.

Can anyone please offer help for the problem?

Many thanks.

I played around more with this I got it working.

1. Copy old FTDI drivers from Arduino 022 to Arduino 1.0.5 and 
manually get windows to install those for the FTDI 
in System/ Device managerĀ  (requires restart of Windows)

2. Start Arduino 1.0.5 and disconnect the FTDI cables reset 
wire / pin so it is not connected to the reset pin on the 
Uno board (I left it floating - maybe bad practice )

3. Upload the sketch, look for progress text. As soon as Uploading... appears 
press the reset button. It should "Upload" successfully now. 
Tip: hover your finger over the button to be very precise with timing.