FTDI chip communicate with arduino softwareserial

Hello guys, professionals, geeks, and gentlemen. I’ve encounter a question that make me doubt and stuck in a loop for so long.
I have a device using FTDI usb-232 to communicate and control with PC via USB. Example, I send out command 0001 from PC to device and the device do some job accordingly. Since then, I wonder if I can use arduino to replace PC, and it send out commands from micrcontroller to the device?

I’d try using a FTDI chip interface with arduino (*tested on PC, communicate successful), and then USB (arduino) connect to USB (device). It didn’t work.

Anyone know how to communicate with a FTDI-built device? Do I need a HOST usb arduino to work it? :cold_sweat:

Do I need a HOST usb arduino to work it?



Do I need a HOST usb arduino to work it?


Thanks! But does a Host usb can use it as COM? I thought Host usb only uses for keyboards, mouse, HID... Sorry, I'm not very good at this. Still doing research. Could not find any example or guides on Host usb communication with COM usb. :~


Check this site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB I hope this will clear out how USB devices communicate.

You need USB host shield if you want to connect to FTDI chip through usb port.