FTDI Chip - Drivers not Installed (Code 28)

Hi there

MY FTDI232R chip had been working fine before this incident but now suddenly it does not work. It comes up on all our PC’s saying that the driver cannot be found (Code 28).

Is there anyway to fix this or is it bust? It seem like it installs the drivers when I remove the device and plug it back in, however still shows the error afterward. I have tried all the driver stuff suggested but have no ideas.

Any ideas?


Please ignore - solution found at http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=270175.90

Hi there, I am currently facing a problem to install the 'RS 232 PL2303 USB' to 'serial convertor' driver. It is been displayed as code 28, i.e. The drivers for this device are not installed and There are no components for the device. I have tried many driver programs and i could not find a solution. Can you guys please suggest me a way to proceed. Thank you.