FTDI does not work


I was using my FTDI breakout board to programm arduino pro mini till the time it stopped working. I have a problem with only one USB port in my computer. When FTDI breakout board is connected to this port both TX and RX LEDs are lighting still and board is not recognised by windows. Alse from the time it stopped working any mouse or keyboard connected to this USB port does not work at all. All other USB ports are workng fine, FTDI and mouse/keyboard are working when connected to them. On the broken USB port there is 5V voltage that I've checked. It is strange but my USB Pen Drive/flash drive is working fine with this port, but when I connect mouse to it it does not work at all. Can anyone help me with this problem?

It sounds like that USB port is damaged, since you say it doesn't work with a mouse/keyboard, and the things that don't work when plugged into that port work when plugged into other ports.

Use a different port.

You say it used to work with that port? That's strange - I can't think of many ways that it would end up working with a thumb drive but not other devices, and also that it would have previously worked. The fact that the port used to work and now doesn't would imply that it was damaged, but the fact that it works with a thumb drive doesn't make sense.

If it didn't ever work on that port, the whole thing is less weird, particularly if it's a USB 3.0 port - USB 3.0 ports on some systems don't work well with many USB 2.0 and 1.x devices (it depends on the USB 3.0 chipset and drivers; I have had systems where the USB 3.0 ports wouldn't work with a mouse, keyboard, or arduino device, but did work with most mass storage - though that was years ago).