FTDI driver

I tried to install Arduino version 9 today but the computer can not locate the driver for the FTDI chip. I tried downolading the latest driver from the FTDI web site and still have the same problem.
Can anyone shed some light on this?

Hmm, what operating system are you on? What kind of board do you have? Does the board work on any other computers?

Its Windows XP on my new lap top. This is a brand new Diecimila board.

What happens when you connect the board? Can you try it on another computer?

@Jaguarjoe try this driver, http://www.parallax.com/Portals/0/Downloads/sw/USBDriverInstallerV2.0.0.exe

Unplug the board before run this file. It's run automatic install on WindowsXP via script.. Check by plug the board back and see Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager will show USB Serial Port in PORT group, most PC wil work if no serious hardware/software problem before..

The board works well. I had a minor brain fart is all.

On one of my XP machines recently, I took a look at the OPTIONAL hardware updates available from Microsoft. Amoung them was something with FTDI and USB in the title, so I crossed fingers, downloaded.

Don't know if it helped... but my system is still running. Better? Not sure. But if I had a system that wasn't working, I'd certainly give this update a try.