FTDI for Uno diagnosis

Hi people! I have an Arduino Uno rev3 which I think I fried well! When I plug it to my computer, the Rx/Tx leds do not blink and no /dev/ttyACMX appears - dmesg reports no events when I plug in the board.

It happens that I have an FTDI breakout that maybe I can use to check whether my Arduino board is indeed damaged. The strange thing is that the program that I had previously burnt (burnt... ironic!) on the chip, is still running perfectly fine; of course this doesn't suggest that the chip is partially damaged.

My question is whether I can use my USB2Serial board and check whether I can program the AVR328P chip. I plugged in the USB2Serial board and at least this works. There must be a way to program the chip with the FTDI... Should I remove it from the board?

yes, pins 2 and 3 on the chip are TTL level rx and tx just like the ftdi, personally I would pop the chip from the arduino and use a breadboard so if anything is fried outside of the chip it wont interfere.


if it doesnt work at first try crossing RX and TX, thats always a pain in the butt with serial