FTDI FT232RL chips - dodgy batch...?

Hi all,

I have a genuine Arduino Nano 3.0 board which I bought two weeks ago and have had it working successfully, albeit it connects intermittently when I connect it to my Windows 10 i7 laptop. The USB Controller in the Device Manager shows there is a problem when I connect it. Displaying a Code (43) Error.

I have fiddled with the COM ports including the Advanced Port settings, uninstalled and reinstalled the latest Arduino IDE including the USB driver and changed Bootloaders etc. It seems to be a real hit and miss affair to get it connected and communicating with the host.

Interestingly, when I plug an Arduino Uno R3 board into my laptop, bingo! it works straight away which kind of points the finger at the FTDI chip as the Uno does not have one.

Could it be that I have a dodgy batch of Nano boards with a faulty UART chip or could it be that the FTDI drivers for Windows are the problem and if so do I need to fiddle with the registry to make the Nano work reliably?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

"Fiddling" with the COM ports advanced settings can cause thier own issues with Arduino boards and is not something to be undertaken without some knowledge.

IIRC most recent regular NANO's dont use the FTDI and have not done so since just after FTDIGATE.

There are also two distinct branches of NANO so it may be worth a picture or direct link to the one you actually have in your hand.

The newer branch ones require a different core to the regular NANO as they use different MCU's.

FTDIGATE...? Please explain.

The two distinct branches of Nano that you talk of. Are you referring to genuine Vs clones or the Vanilla Nano Vs the Every nano?

I have a clone one which uses the CH340G coms chip as well as a genuine vanilla Nano which uses the FT232RL coms chip (by FTDI). Both use the Mega M328P MCU.

I should stress that the genuine Nano 3.0 that I purchased from RS UK isn't even 2 months old.