FTDI RS232 Cable

I have an FTDI 232-TTL USB cable that connects to RS232 devices and converts the serial levels to TTL and presents as a serial device on Linux/Mac/Window via the USB port. (I currently use it to interface with a MEMS ECU which uses a proprietory binary serial protocol).

Can I connect this to a Arduino and read/write serial data? If so, which Ardunio would you recommend. Baud rate is low (9600).


That must be possible. The questions is what more do You intend the controller to do.

The Arduino and FTDI chip use TTL to communicate. Your cable converts the TTL signals (0..+5V) from the FTDI chip to RS232 signals (+3-12V..-3-12V). You will either have to add a second conversion to get the signals back to TTL or bypass the TTL->RS232 converter on your cable.

Sounds like the OP wants to hook some RS232 device up to an Arduino.

Perhaps the thinking is to plug the USB end of the cable into the USB gazinta on the Arduino. Never mind it is the wrong physical shape for now.

It is possible that someone cou,d make that work.

Easier: use a MAX232 chip to translate between TTL (hooked to the Arduino side) and RS232 that the MEMS ECU uses.

But is the MEMS ECU really RS232? Do you have part number or link to it?


Good point. Which end of the USB/RS232 cable did you want to connect to the Arduino? You would need something like a USB Host Shield to plug a USB device into an Arduino.

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