FTDI USB Drivers do not uninstall under XPSP2

When i try to uninstall the FTDI USB Drivers, nothing happens under XPSP2. On my other laptop running Win2000SP4 it uninstalls just fine…

Hmm. I think someone has posted instructions to the forum for manually uninstalling the drivers. Or you can try emailing FTDI's customer support at support1@ftdichip.com.

So heres the solution from FTDI Ltd Support:

The uninstaller was broken by windows update KB923191. The workaround is to
go to the system 32 folder, right click on the ftdiunin.exe to bring up the
properties window.

In this window select the compatibility tab and change mode to windows 2000.
Now run the uninstaller.

This works perfectly :slight_smile:

I did the same to the FTDIUNIN.exe in the FTDI USB Drivers install folder. So now when i reinstall the drivers it installs the modified uninstaller. So than i can uninstall just fine.


Excellent. Thanks for the report.