FTDI v2.00.0 & Noise Problem

Whenever I plug in the arduino, any sound from my desktop computer (music or otherwise) becomes choppy and distorted, until I restart the computer with the arduino unplugged.

Is anybody else using the same version FTDI drivers without problems? Or, what version do you use, if it's not v2.00.0?

INFORMATION FTDI serial drivers v2.00.0 Arduino NG preassembled, ATMega8 IC, powered from the usb connection. Windows XP Pro, Pentium 4 3GHz, *PT880AS motherboard, DDR400 ram, Creative Audio PCI adapter card. A Logitech Trackman and generic USB keyboard are plugged into the onboard usb ports.

It happens with the motherboard USB ports, and a USB adapter card. I've tried plugging it into an unpowered hub, too. (a powered hub might be a different story, but I don't have one)

It continues until I reboot, and also occurs when a different USB PIC16F877A programmer is connected. That leads me to believe it has something to do with the FTDI drivers. (The fresh version number doesn't inspire a lot of confidence, too)

The noise is relative the the aplitude of the sound coming from the computer. If no music or sound is playing, there is no noise. Line In and Microphone are muted. The noise is intermittent (1/5 sec apart) and sounds like skipping and/or a badly encoded MP3 (low bitrate).

The Audio PCI shares the same IRQ 16 with just one of the generic VIA USB Host drivers; the other USB host uses IRQ 17. The noise occurs wherever it's plugged in.

*PT880AS onboard audio is disabled in the bios, and no drivers are loaded for it. This motherboard has an unbelievably high noise floor. No noise was noticeable from the Audio PCI card though, until now.

I ran FTClean, then reinstalled the CDM drivers, and the noise problem is gone. There's still some noise briefly when I plug in the arduino, but it's not constant.

Also, with the FTDI drivers uninstalled, there's no noise if the arduino is connected.

Removing drivers to get rid of the noise worked intermittently.

The Audio PCI shares the same IRQ 16 with just one of the generic VIA USB Host drivers

By moving the sound card to a different pci slot (that doesn't share an IRQ with USB) the problem hasn't happened since.