FTP Client on Ethernet shield

I want to create a logging device of my solar panels. So the idea is to log 1Wh pulses of the power meter with a Duemilanove and send every x min the results to a FTP-server on my NAS. So I am looking for a (very simple) "FTPclient" on the "2009" ethernet shield. Anybody any ideas?

I've just googled arduino FTP and come across this, it's slightly disappointing that nobody has replied.

FTP is a pretty basic protocol which involves two connections to the FTP server - one for commands (usually port 21) and one for data. I've read that the ethernet shield supports up to four connections, so it should be possible.

I don't know if you've got this thread on watch, or if you still care, but I intend trying to get FTP working for a project I'm doing.

An easier solution for you would be PHP. If your NAS supports FTP it probably has a web server and hopefully that'll have PHP too. You can pass variables to a PHP page using index.php?variableName=foo&secondVariable=bar, then you can have your PHP web page write that to a file, or to a database (if your NAS supports it, I know mine does but I guess there's hundreds of different types).

The amount of data you can pass using that method is pretty big. You can pass whole pictures using it, but certain browsers limit the URL length (IE) so it isn't good practice. However, you could pass lots of data inside a URL using an arduino, which makes the arduino programming very simple.

see this Thread with the same solution that cowjam mentioned:


Instead of saving to a database you can also save the data to a textfile. Pretty easy with php.

thank you for your reply.
@cowjam: I used your approach: PHP + MySQL on a free webhost. My solarlogger is yet two months online. You can see the result on
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Cool, well done :)