FTP upload from network drive and file managment

Setup: 1 x arduino w/ ethernet sheild. 1 x IP camera, 1 x NAS (Networked HDD) IP camera takes a snap shot every 30 seconds and puts it in the \\Camera\snapshot.jpg folder on the NAS drive.

The question is, Is there a way to get the arduino to upload the snapshot.jpg to a web server online via ftp?

Further question would be, Can the arduino rename that file and move it to a second folder on the NAS? aka: move \\Camera\snapshot.jpg to \\Camera\Log\2012-01-06_21.28.02-snapshot.jpg

Hi Eqrunner,

Sorry - just found this. Short answer is 'sort of'. I am using this code as a base - with some success: http://playground.arduino.cc//Code/FTP

For text/html it works well, but jpgs are transfrerred with errors. I am working on a resolution at the moment.

Regards, refsmmat

@refsmmat: That FTP code should not generate errors with any type file. It doesn't care about what is in the file, whether text or image/video data. What type of errors are you getting?